Tenali RamaKrishna……………

The Sun Rise……

Garlapati Tenali RamaKrishna,Popularly known as Tenali Raman was simple brahmin,
Who lived during the early 16th century and hailed from Tumuluru village near the coastal
town of tenali in guntur District of pesent day Andhra Pradesh.
Tenali Raman later became one of the eight poets called the `ashtadiggajas`(eight strong pillars) of the
Royal court of the famed Emperor of Vijaynagar-TuluvaSriKrishnadeva Raya-where he earned him self
the titles of Vikata Kavi(jester poet,stronge poet),Kumara Bharathi And AndhraParis.a
Tenali Raman lost his father at a tender age,He grew up as a carefree and vegabond child,from Morning
till night,he remained in the company of Mischievous village boys.An easy going kid,he always found
excuses to dodge studies or avoid helping his poor mother.
One day Tenali Ramana Met a sage who advised him to pray a goddess kali.Accodingly Tenali went to the
old Kalli temle of the village and respectfully chanted the mantra taught by the sage.As soon as
he completed the recitation of the holy`Mantra a lakh times, goddess Kali appeared before him.
Goddess Kali had thousand faces and she looked terrifying.But Tenali was not scared by her fearsome
appearance.On seeing the goddess,tenali touched her feet and then burst into laughter.
This act of Tenali aroused Kalika Devi`s curiosity. She ordered him to explain what made him laugh.
Forgive me for laughing,divine Mother ! But a funny thought came right into my mind the moment I saw you.
I have great troble in managing my one nose with two hands when I catch a cold and my nose runs.
I wondered what you would do with your thousand noses and just two hands if You catch a cold and all your
thousand noses ran ? This thought made me laugh. But please do fourgive me mother, if I have been
impudent,”Tenali replied and saying so fell at her feet.
“It would be very funny!” the goddess agreed with a smile, You are bright and witty. I bless you with the fine
gift of making people laugh.You shall be called a Vikata Kavi of the jesting poet and will attain fame.
“A good word which can be read both ways – VI-KA-TA-KA-VI” Tenali exclaimed.But divine Mother,it won’t
really give me anything.” !
” Hmmm” the goddess nodded,I’ii grant you another boon.Here are two cups.The golden cup in my right hand
has the milk of learning and the silver cup in my left hand has the curd of wealth. choose wichever cup you
want” the goddess said.
” I must have both cups because one won’t be of any use to me without the other,Tenali thought to him self.
He scratched his head as if he was puzzled.
“Oh, Mother ! How can I choose without tasting each cup? he asked.
That is true !’ the goddess agreed and held out her both hands.
In a flash,Tenali drank the content of both cups !
The goddess was angry when she found that Tenali had tricked her.
” Iam sorry,Mother, Tenali said humbly,” I had to have both cups because what is the use of more learning
to me without the comfert of wealth ?’
” what you say is fair.but your wit and prosperity will win you both friends and enemies So,be careful in future !
the goddess kali blessed Tenali and vanished.
So tenali mastered everything and became famous as a great humourist an impressive poet and geat scholer
of several languages that includes sanskrit,telugu,marathi,Tamil and kannada.
Soon Tenali Raman became well aware that if he was to make progress in life, he had to move out of Tenali
and go to hampi, the commercial capitol of vijay nagara empire. Tenali was also aware that Raya was a great
patron of arts and learning.
Once Thathyacharya,the Rajguru (Royal priest and teacher) came to stay at sringeri,a short distence from
tenali. Tenali took a collection of his poems and went to see the Rajguru.Tenali recited a few of his poems
before him which impressed the Rajguru.The Rajguru invited Tenali to the Royal court.
To grab the opportune moment,Raman sold all his possessions in Tenali and went vijayanagar with his wife
Agaryaa,his younger brother Tenali Annayaa,baby son,and his old mother.
The Rajguru obviousli did not recognise him.Raman reminded him of his promise but was given a royal
brush-off and deprved of his chance of either meeting the emperor or enter the Royal court.
But Tenali with a boon from goddess kali manage to meet the emperor with his perseverance and grit and
showed his talent to make a place in the king’s court. From thereon,he to reached the pinnacle of success.
Tenali started his jorney from rags and went ahead to accumulate riches; sure enough he comleted it from
childhood to adult hood and from the innocent village boy an ashtadiggaja and proved tha