Nokia Lumia 710  Price in india

Nokia Lumia 710 Price in india

Nokia Lumia 710 is latest windows Smartphone with 1.4GHz CPU, 3.7” inch ClearBlack Touchscreen display and 5MP camera with HD Video @ attractive price in India.   Nokia Lumia 710 Mobile Features: Fashionable design and exchangeable back covers 8GB Memory Capacitive touch screen with pinch zoom Faster web browsing experience with IE 9 and HTML5 View and Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents Available in 2 colors...

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Can you check to see if the computer is plugged in ? lol.

  Best embarrassing day of customer ! I worked in technical support at Silicon Graphics about a year ago, and I was part of the group that was first in line to handle problem calls. Oh, joy. Being only eighteen at the time, my experience in the field of technical support was somewhat limited, but I could still handle my own. Now, as you may or may not know, SGI sells top of the line computers used in many different industries. On...

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