New stylus for iPads and wireless tablets launched by Wacom in India

Wacom, which makes accessories for tablets, today announced the launch of an innovative stylus for Apple iPads under its brand name Bamboo. The new Bamboo stylus comes in a new range of colours to match Apple’s iPad covers.

The tablets start from Rs Rs 5,500 for the basic Bamboo Pen version and go up to Rs 13,500 for the Bamboo Pen and Touch version that also features mult-touch support. The tablets come with an optional wireless kit that has a dongle for PCs and Macs to connect the tablets wirelessly. The Bamboo Stylus for the iPad comes in the same colors as Apple’s Smart Covers and are available for Rs 1,750.



Press Release

Enjoy computing with a boost of Bamboo

Creating, editing and sharing images and documents is now made easier with the new wireless, interactive Bamboo pen tablet from Wacom

To meet the needs of the increasing number of social and creative computer users, Wacom India Pvt. Ltd. today, launches an all-new line-up of its market-leading Bamboo tablets. The multi-touch and pen tablets now boast wireless capability, allowing users more flexibility to bring ideas and creativity to life through an intuitive, versatile and fun computing experience.
Ideal for everyone that wants to create personalised digital content and use a more intuitive input device, Bamboo enables anyone to express their creativity. The range of colourful interactive tablets includes the Bamboo Fun (medium), the Bamboo Pen & Touch (small) and the Bamboo Pen (small). The lightweight Pen & Touch and Fun models are now wireless capable and ideal for working while relaxing on the sofa or taking out and about. Users can benefit from hours of cable-less freedom. In addition, the improved design and combination of multi-touch and pen-on-paper-feel technology delivers a more connected, inspiring and fun way to use a computer.

Precise Pen & Multi-Touch Experience

For fast, easy navigation of PCs or Macs, all Bamboo tablets combine the pressure-sensitive, battery-free and cordless pen experience with multi-touch functionality that Wacom is renowned for. The pen’s design has been improved. Now offering a more aesthetic shape due a new soft touch grip area, improved pen buttons and new eraser shape, it still maintains the impressive 1024 pressure levels and enables users to make accurate cursor movements and handwritten notes. The multi-touch experience is enhanced and more intuitive, so sweeping with fingers over the tablet to scroll through documents, surf the web, rotate images or flick through photo galleries is quick and easy.

In addition, with Bamboo Paper, a very successful new Bamboo app, Wacom provides users with the ability to create virtual notebooks for their computers, letting them share their ideas visually with handwritten notes, sketches or doodles. Bamboo Paper is available as a free app in Bamboo Dock (which sits on a computer’s desktop). This ever-growing library of apps includes games and tools for creating and sharing.
An interactive tablet that is instinctive to use

“Consumers are becoming significantly more expressive and creative in their everyday digital life. With the new Bamboo generation, we offer the perfect tool to personalise content and to navigate, write, draw, paint and sketch in an enjoyable way,” says John de Olde, Asia Pacific Marketing Manager, Wacom Co., Ltd.. “And this applies to office users wanting to add handwritten notes and scroll through documents quickly, to teenagers wanting to scrawl messages on their friends’ online photos. Bamboo interactive pen tablets deliver a new experience of working with a PC or Mac. We wanted to combine the best aspects of user interfaces into one interactive pen tablet that is second nature to use. With Bamboo, inspiration and expression become one, allowing our customers to explore computer input in ways they have not yet thought possible.”

Bamboo Pen

The Bamboo Pen is an excellent starting model that introduces you to the world of bamboo.  The compact design allows for its ease of use and its intuitive feel.  It’s the ideal tablet for bringing your drawing content to life.

Bamboo Pen & Touch

The new, effortless design of the Bamboo Pen & Touch is certainly eye-catching and sure to be a hit on anyone’s desk. The black tablet is framed with striking contrast colors of black and lime and includes a bay for the wireless accessory kit that is available separately. Four customizable express keys assist with easy navigation of computers, while the pen provides precision when creating. It’s the tactile connection with content through drawing, annotating, scribbling, painting and navigating that makes the Bamboo Pen & Touch so great to use.

Bamboo Fun

The Bamboo Fun makes a stylish impression and its medium size makes it a fun tablet that is instinctive and easy to use. Taking the features of the Bamboo Pen & Touch, it also comes with an outstanding software bundle: Adobe® Photoshop® Elements 9 and Bamboo Scribe 3.0. The medium-sized tablet also comes with Corel Painter Essentials 4, which turns any computer into a digital canvas and the Bamboo pen into a multi-purpose paintbrush. The Bamboo Fun is ideal for creative work, whether retouching and editing or creating from scratch.

Bamboo wireless accessory kit

Both Bamboo Fun and Bamboo Pen & Touch tablets can now be used wirelessly to make the tablet more portable and easier to use remotely. The plug’n’play accessory kit includes a wireless dongle to connect the tablet wirelessly and simply to PCs, Macs and laptops.  Not available in all Asia pacific regions, please check with your local retailer or distributor.