Apple ‘analyzed’ to produce 1 mln iPad 3s in 4th quarter

So now that the iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 rumours have been put to rest, it’s the turn of another Apple device, most logically, the iPad. Analysts are calling the next iPad, the iPad 3 and whispers have it that the folks at Cupertino have already started production on the device. Apple usually produces 11 to 13 million iPads. However, Susquehana Financial analyst, Jeff Fidacaro believes that in the fourth quarter of this year, Apple’s actually bumping up production of iPads to 12 to 14 million, a one million difference from the usual count.It's time to start sizing up the next iPad

Logically, this could mean one of two things. Apple’s just increasing iPad 2 production, which, given their launch behaviour doesn’t fit. What does fit is that they’re producing another version of the iPad alongside the current version which, if they follow suit of previous displays and launches, should be revealed in the first quarter of next year.

Apple’s already started trial production of an A6 processor, which they’ve been working on with Taiwan- based chip maker, TMSC. This would also move their business away from a rival, aka Samsung. Production of the chip could begin in October, according to reports and it would only make sense that Apple use it in their next line of iPhones and iPads.