Flashing Sony Ericsson K530i to W660i (CID52)

┌─● Flashing Sony Ericsson K530i to W660i (CID52) ●─┐

Everything in this tutorial has been written by me , no part of it has been copy pasted from anywhere , n the files have also been personally uploaded by me n shared here..

This tutorial is only for CID52 phone , nt 4 CID53…So u can flash using dis method only 4 CID52 phones…

Flashing ur phone into W660i will give u d following additional features :-

┌─● Walkman 2.0 player

┌─● Flash theme support.

┌─● Support for patching and elfing

This procedure requires great amount of care if u r doing this for the first time…So plz b careful… If there is any kind of doubt in ur mind then plz clear it here…

U can reflash or reconvert ur phone into K530i if u want to change it back…


Ur phone can be dead if the procedure is not followed properly and u perform any mistake in flashing..So plz be careful…If u do it perfectly as i say ur effort will bear fruit and u will receive the walkman phone…

Just relax perform the flashing with ease and do just as i say …There will b no problems…


Please backup ur GDFS of the phone before flashing , as u can restore it and save ur phone if the GDFS of ur phone gets corrupt..So plz do it first…

The tutorial begins :-

The list of files to be downloaded for flashing :-

Please download these files before and then begin flashing :-

┌─● XS++

This is the main flashing software that we’ll b using for backing up of GDFS , flashing ur phone and also accessing the FSX of the phone..This supports only CID52 , so 53 cannot use dis for flashing..

LINK :- http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?znnwtnmwimt

┌─● USB Flash Driver

When u try to connect ur phone using XS++ for the first time Windows will ask u for the driver.Simply extract dis file and point to dis location…

LINK :- http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?utvcmmeodge

┌─● W660i MAIN

This is the main file of W660i.

LINK :- http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?znzdid3jmmn

┌─● W660i FS ( File System )

This is the FS file of W660i .This file contains the acoustics , d sound drivers , fonts n all..

LINK :- http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?z0jqziodbjm

┌─● W660i Customisation Pack

This is the CDA of W660i..It contains certain default values n settings for the phone….

LINK :- http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?nyjuvgmmzg5

The actual tutorial begins :-

STEP 1 :- Start XS++ 3.1.

STEP 2 :- Switch off ur phone.Remove ur m2 card n sim card.Don’t worry there will b no loss of data from m2 or sim card…

STEP 3 :-Click on Connect on the XS++.

STEP 4 :-Now it will ask for the driver if u r using it for the first time Install the driver.N then reconnect the phone else move to step 5.

STEP 5:- After connecting don’t leave the C button unless there is “READY FOR OPERATION on the XS++ screen.

STEP 6 :-Once u get the READY thing then do this very very carefully..

Check the FLash main firmware on the right side of XS++.n click on that button n browse wherever the main file is kept..

I suggest u keep all the things in the same folder.Then click on Flash File SYstem n browse the FS file.The file having name something FS_CENT_EUROPE . Then check customize file system.

Now create a folder named own_custpack.extract the HBA file inside this folder.The tpa folder should b inside the own_custpack folder.

Now check the Customize File System option below it..

Under phone model select Own Custpack
Under CDA n region select “\own_custpack”

Now hit flash button…

It will first flash ur main , then the FS and then the custopack…This will take sometime..SO don’t panic..The progress can be seen in XS++…So wait for it to finish…

Wait till the it says , Flashing successful.Unplug the phone.

Ur done.!!!!

STEP 7:- RESTART UR PHONE .!!! CONGRATS U HAVE A w660i in ur hand…

I have written everything systematically n in the easiest way so everyone can understand..Still if u have any doubts..Plz post it here…I will answer them to the best of my knowledge…

Just be careful and don’t panic , N don’t break the procedure in the middle , don’t disconnect the phone in the middle or ur phone will b dead…N keep ur battery charged before performing flashing.!!!

ENJOY n plz post ur comments..!!