RockStar (2011) – Movie Review

RockStar (2011) 


Rating : * * * 1/2 

Movie is hatke not tipical bollywood movie but full of emotions. As it is diffrent kind of movie i think it will get mix response of people becuase some people may not understand it. Starting from music, acting, singing, all have done fantastic job. This is the movie for the people who are emotional & can feel the sentiment. Specialy when ranbir was in dargah you can feel the hi…s situation & the dedication to pray to god for help. You will find a new defination of love, there are situation when two people love each other(they should not) but they cant stay together & how is the emotions. You will enjoy the improptu dialouge like jungle ki jawani, palang tod, fir bana dain list etc. Ranbir has his best in the movie. The debudant actress also did fairly well but could have done better. Rehman & Mohit chauhan has done fantastic job. This movie is also for the people who dont know what is passion. As i said its diffrent movie you will see an unexpected climax of the movie.I will give 3.5 star to the movie. Some time you should see diffrent kind of movie like some time you go out for dinner just to have diffrent taste. 🙂


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