Revolution 2020 – Book Review

Revolution 2020- Chetan Bhagat(***)

Chetan Bhagat again prove his capability as best writer of Indian fiction. While reading you can feel & see the character & it was beautifully described by Chetan. It is a story of three friends Gopal, Arti & Raghav.

Gopal belong to poor family. Even his father is owner of controversial land they could not effort luxurious life because his uncle has captured his land illegally. The case is going on in the court. His father wants him to be an engineer by clearing JEEE exam. But unfortunately Gopal never able to clear the exam.

Arti belong to rich family & her father is senior government officer. Her late grand father was politician. She is very beautiful & caring girl. She wants to be an airhostes.

Raghav belong to middle class family & he is intelligent.. He never want to be an engineer but for sack of the family pride he has clear JEEE doing engineering. He wants to be journalist. He wants to start revolution through journalism. 

The story moves around this three character of Varanasi. There is love trainingle where Gopal loves Arti but Arti loves Raghav. Arti don’t want to lose Gopal because she find him as a best friend.Gopal Never loss hope & being a best friend of Arti, he always hopes one day Arti will be his life partner. Irrespective of the entire problem in life Gopal became a very rich person & director of collage. To become rich he took help of politician & he spread corruption. Raghav fight against the corruption & posted articles in paper against Gopal. Thats how Gopal & Raghav became enemy. At last Arti started loving Gopal. End of the story was amazing Gopal has reached to the point where he can have Arti as life partner & he can be rich as well most powerful person of the city. But he suddenly realizes mistakes he did in the life & sacrificed everything which he could have achieved easily. 

This book is not as good as two states of chetan bhagat but worth to read once. 

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