Guys I agree dat the best love story is the story of our parents bt do u also agree dat the cutest and the sweetest one is of our grandparents??

Well this story is being read by a old man(suffering from last stage cancer) to another old lady suffering from Alzheimer’s.
The story is abt Noah (he has returned after the Second war war to his hometown to reconstruct a house) and Allie(a nurse who see’s the house ad in the newspaper amd goes to visit it.)

It is in their hometown again that they meet aft 14yrs. So many year ago at the of a passionate love filled summer these guys are sperated because of their different class. But evwn after that they decide to stay touch throught letter.. bt Allie dosen’t receive a single letter… n noah…well he doesn’t return a single reply. And den after finally trying to get over each they meet.

Wats happens when they reunite. .wat happens when Allies fiance comes to their hometown looking for Allie. Wat happened to those letters that Noah wrote n especially WHY is this old man reading out this story from a diary to this old lady???
To know the answers to these Questions and to complete this love story do read “THE NOTEBOOK” by “NICHOLAS SPARK”