Is Windows 8 a success?



Miscrosoft sold 40 million licences in just 30 days after the Release of Windows 8. MSFT is estimating 400 million licences to be sold by end of 2013. So, Is Windows 8 a Success? In PC’s we dont see MSFT growing as the PC users are declining every day. Yes, in Laptops MSFT is providing Win 8 upgrade cheaply and shipping all the Laptops with Win 8. In laptops for now we can say, Win 8 may be a success(compering Windows 7), but when it comes to mobility MSFT has some serious concerns.

With BB 10, its the race of survival for MSFT and BB. Apple and BB have their own customers and they will surely retain their brands. Android has made it’s own market with a deep reach to masses. Where is Win 8 left? After BB showdown, MSFT was at third spot after Android and iOS. But with BB back in action, MSFT is having a very tough time. At the same time Win 8 in Mobiles is not able to impress either the “App freaks” nor the “Business Users”. It seems a dead end ahead for one of the OS. But releasing Win 8 for mobiles 6 months after Win 7.5 had lowered down the expectations. Let us see if MSFT can sustain.

In Tablets, MSFT is not revealing the actual sales data for the shares don’t fall. Win 8 tablet are priced quite high for nothing in comparison of an iPAD or a Nexus. It seems “surface” is not going to make it up to the surface Wink.The only road ahead in front of MSFT is backing up Win 8 with applications, low price range and targetting Laptops and PCs.