China Overtakes United States as World’s Largest Smartphone Market

According to a recent report by research firm Strategy Analytics, China is now the worlds largest smartphone market, taking the top spot from the United States, with over 23.9 million smartphones shipped in China for the third quarter.

This compares to 23.3 million smartphones shipped in the US for the same quarter, and surprisingly Nokia is in the lead in China’s smartphone market with a 28 percent share.Linda Sui, Analyst at Strategy Analytics, said, “Smartphone shipments grew 58 percent sequentially to reach a record 23.9 million units in China during Q3 2011. In contrast, smartphone shipments fell 7 percent sequentially to reach 23.3 million units in the United States. China has overtaken the United States for the first time to become the world’s largest smartphone market by volume.”

Source: Etechsolution