Sony Ericsson Nozomi may be SE’s next flagship,dual-core processor and 720p display confirmed

Sony Ericsson looks set to launch a new flagship handset and finally join the dual-core club with its new Nozomi phone, reported to be set for launch in March 2012.

Althoug Sony has been slow to launch a really top-spec handset, the Nozomi looks like it will be their contender to other leading handsets such as Samsung’s lovely Galaxy S II and of course the iPhone 4. Many are saying that by the time it is released, the Sony may look less impressive next to newer models due from Apple and others, but if the reportedly “credible” rumours from the Xperia Blog are true then the Nozomi will pack a fair punch.

The phone is supposed to feature a huge 4.3 inch screen boasting higher pixel density than Apple’s amazing Retina Display on the iPhone 4, and a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor. The phone is expected to be shipped with 32GB of internal storage, 1GB RAM and no options for memory card expansions, and like the iPhone, the Nozomi is expected to come with a micro-SIM. Thankfully, considering the serious performance and huge screen in the Nozomi, a 1750mAh battery is also said to be planned for the phone.

The launch date of March 2012 makes sense given Sony Ericsson’s history of launching its ‘hero’ phones at that time of year. The Xperia arc/PLAY was released in March 2011 and the Xperia X10 was launched in March the previous year.

In other news, Sony Ericsson has announced that its imminent new flagship phone, the Xperia Arc S, will be released in October with the ability to take 3D photos with its 2D camera. The images will then be viewable on any 3D-enabled TV. The Arc S will feature a 4.2 inch screen and a 1.4 GHz processor.

Source: etechsolution