This show was started on 6th of May 2012.  It has completed two very successful and amazing seasons so far consisting of 19 episodes. The first season had 14 episode and 5 in the second season and TODAY AT 11:00 am watch the third season of SATYAMEV JAYATE.  Check Twitter story  CLICK

This talk show hosted by AMIR KHAN focuses on the sensitive social issues faced all over the world but basically in INDIA. The issues vary from child sexual abuse to rape, from domestic violence to criminalization of politics , from untouchables to honor killings and many more…


SATYAMEV JAYATE  not just motivates us to take action against the issues discussed but it also shows us proper solutions and steps through which we can genuinely help cause a difference. This show was shown on various channels within Star Network and also on Doordarshan’s DD National channel. It is been forecasted not only in HINDI ( which remains the primary language) but also in ENGLISH, BENGALI MALYALAM, MARATHI, PUNJABI, TAMIL & TELGU.

THE MOVEMENT OF CHANGE”, “THE EYE OPENER”, “THE CHANGE INITIATER” are just few of the tittles by which the show was honored. The show reached pver 8.96 million people on the very first episode itself. It can be due to the marketing strategy or maybe because people really did want someone to initiate a movement of change, whatever it was the result was ,the official site crashed after few mins after the airing of the first episode due to heavy trafficking.

SATYAMEV JAYATE has managed to cause more than just a stir among the youth of this nation. It has helped NGO’s help the people in need not just by acknowledging them but also by managing to help them receive  enormous amounts of funds and donations. The estimate donations received are about Rs 22.3 crore after the first season and nearly ^6 million after the second season.

The ripple this show caused helped a lot of people of people all over the world solve all kinds of issues, but the issues which saw the most significant change in INDIA are :-


1.Female foeticide

2.Help for the physically disabled

3.Domestic Violence at home &

4.Rain water harvesting


Satyamev Jayate - Mumkin Hai- State of Change.3gp