Nokia launches NFC Hub

Nokia just launched an online service to help businesses begin using NFC solutions. The NFC Hub lets businesses buy generic NFC tagged posters, aimed at directing people to websites, Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and other URLs, plus tagged business cards. Nokia predicts NFC tags will be everywhere, and used for many different things.

NFC (Near Field Communications) is a contactless technology designed to provide countless opportunities for innovative, effective marketing. Customers simply “tap” an NFC-enabled mobile (like the Nokia Astound or Nokia N9) against a poster that contains a small tag. My favorite example usage for NFC is a Foursquare check-in.

It is an affordable way for business to innovate with advertising and also an indicator of the support Nokia has for NFC. The company recently launched the 700, the first truly NFC capable handset from Nokia.
NFC can act like a sort of electronic trigger for your phone, teling it to do things like launch an app, open a website or even dial a phone number.

Nokia is working alongside Fuelmywebsite to help launch the project. They act as part of the Global Entrepeneur Program for the UK and are preparing the actual physical NFC enabled gadgetry that businesses require.

We presume this move means Nokia is now permanently committed the the idea of NFC. They were big supporters of Bluetooth back when it was in its infancy and are clearly a company that likes it when things are done wirelessly.

Source: Etechsolution