Nokia 808 Pure View – Nokia says “Sayonara” to its Symbian based SmartPhones.

Finally, Nokia is out with its, most probably, the last Symbian based Smartphone. However, Nokia will continue to ship its low range models based on Symbian platform (S40 etc.). The journey has finally come to an end for Symbian. It had to happen seeing the overgrowing Android market, which has been the main reason. India has been Nokia’s biggest market and there has been a decline in its sales due to the migration of people to cheap Android phones.

Nokia 808 Pure View’s specifications, I would say, are limited to its 41 MP Camera. I was disappointed to see this. However this is a Smartphone for “Camera Lovers” but there are certain things which Nokia could look upon.


·         41 MP Sensor Camera with Xenon Flash.

·         5.1 Dolby Sound Support.

·         HDMI port (Is general now days).

·         4.0 Inch AMOLED Display with Nokia’s Clear Back Technology(Although we have Super AMOLED plus these days).

·         NFC support and HTML 5 support in the Browser.



·         Screen size is big but the resolution is 360 x 640.

·         RAM is just 512 MB.

·         Processor is mere single core clocked at 1.3 GHz.

·         No dedicated applications for Gtalk, Facebook or Twitter.

·         Price could be indigestible to some people at Rs.33899 (Rs.30899 at some places).

·         OS is obviously a concern now a days.


Yes, the phone is meant for Camera Lovers but seeing the taste of existing users in the market it could be a tough bet for Nokia. Nokia could have included more RAM and a Processor clocked at higher speed or a Dual Core one at least. Anyways, Good Luck Nokia with Windows!!!