Mercedes-Benz F125 Hydrogen Concept

Mercedes-Benz F125 Hydrogen Concept

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The Mercedes-Benz F125, is the latest technology concept in a long line of research vehicles, from the Stuttgart-based automaker.

Powered by hydrogen and electricity, the F125 will initially evolve from it’s gullwing coupe effect, into a four door sedan, and it may very well be the future generation of the S class Mercedes-Benz.

This luxurious eco-friendly car of your dreams is perfected by an E4Matic all-wheel-drive-system, consisting of 4 motors mounted in each wheel.

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With a total of 231 horsepower, it’s able to get from 0-62 mph in 4.9 seconds and from 80 to 120 km/h in 3.2 seconds. The top speed of the F125 is 220 km/h.

The electric motor is powered by hydrogen fuel cell, offering 621 miles on a full tank of hydrogen and aside from the fuel cell; the Mercedes F125  stores it’s energy in a Lithium-sulfur high-voltage battery.

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The avant-guard interior design of the Mercedes F125, features some of the latest technological innovations, such as natural touch, gesture and voice control, and the “your command” cloud-based infotainment system.

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The saloon architectural seat design is fashionable created for the style conscious individual and each automobile is tailored to the driver’s personal needs, without removing his hands from the steering wheel.

The lounge-like atmosphere is entwined with Wood, Alcantara and Silk. The command of the day and tomorrow are also proactive.

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The Mercedes-Benz F125, in any case is a large vehicle. Measuring 4998mm in length, 1980mm in width, 1430mm in height and 3333mm wheelbase, now feast your eyes upon the slide-out trunk. This is the vision of the future mobility.

The overall picture is redefining automotive luxury and the Mercedes F125 is emission-free driving in First Class.

Mercedes F125 Concept 468x374 Mercedes Benz F125 Hydrogen Concept