Brutal Walk (A beautiful Imaginary Story)



I lived in an apartment complex that rested on a Huge hill that required walking along a steep, winding sidewalk. In the heat, it could really be a brutal walk. Throughout the two years I lived there, I always hoped someone driving would see me at the bottom of the hill and offer to drive me to the top. It’s a simple gesture, and I would have thought that this would happen many times in the two years that I lived there. Sadly, it never happened. I even offered to give people a lift (believe it or not) when I saw someone at the bottom of the hill when I was driving, although the people never accepted. At least I asked, since nobody asked me.

So I was approaching the big hill, hot and suddenly feeling bitter, and I was thinking to myself, “Geez, I can’t believe that nobody EVER stopped to offer me a ride on the countless walks I took up this damn hill!” Literally within two seconds, I hear a car slow down next to me and a cute girl asks if I want a ride to the top. I was stunned. It was like something out of a dream, since it had never happened for two years and then suddenly when I least expected it…

Anyway, it really made my day. That one-minute car ride was extremely fulfilling and provided me with a boost of positivity that random acts of kindness can happen. Just thinking about this memory has kind of inspired me to try to find ways to help people out. It would just be very simple things, but these little acts can make a big difference in the lives of others.