Basic Tips to take care of your laptop and laptop maintenance


Let’s divide maintenance of your laptop into Software, Hardware, Battery and general maintenance. I purposefully kept battery separate as many time people neglect it and then when it does not work properly we start crying. I will give tips in following order as per its importance to me.

  • Battery
  • Hardware
  • Software

Tips to maintain your Battery and to prolong battery life:

  1. Charge new battery for 5-6 hours when you charge it for first time.
  2. Charge and Discharge new batteries 4-5 times
  3. Drain your battery completely once a week.
  4. Don’t expose to moisture or water
  5. Avoid exposing the battery to extreme heat and cold.
  6. If the battery will not be in use for a month or longer, it is recommended that it be removed from the device and stored in a cool, dry, clean place.
  7. Battery run time depends on the usage of your laptop. To increase run time keep your screen brightness to minimum, don’t use multiple applications and don’t keep unused software’s in startup.
  8. Don’t allow the battery to be exposed to rain or excessive moisture. In case if it gets exposed, allow it to get dry completely before use as this may damage you laptop.

 Tips to keep your laptop hardware in good condition:

  1. Keep your laptop covered when not in use.
  2. Do not keep any objects with laptop inside bag or between laptop screen and keyboard.
  3. Clean your keyboard with soft cleaning brush or painting brush.
  4. Do not place your laptop on cushions or bed as repeated use may cause the fans to suck up the dust which may block the fan which in turn will lead to heating.  
  5. Always clean your hands before use
  6. Hold and lift the computer by its base, not by its LCD display.
  7. Check to see if labels are affixed securely before inserting media into your laptop computer.
  8. Have the unit cleaned once a year to remove internal dust. Get this done by a computer professional.
  9. Try and keep the laptop on a flat hard surface as it helps to increase ventilation. SOFT SURFACE a strict no as it blocks air vents.
  10. Excessive heating or dust may even cause your laptop hard disk failure.

Software Maintenance Tips

  1. IF you have licensed copy of Windows then use Microsoft Security Essentials as it is free if you own Windows else use any good antivirus for which you can check on
  2. is trusted source for any software download.
  3. Uninstall any unnecessary programs.
  4. Don’t run multiple programs unless required.
  5. Always store data in partition where OS is not installed.
  6. Use Disk cleanup utility once a month.
  7. Empty your browser Cache at least once a weak.