Android’s Top Games. Nice Review


1.Air Control


In this simple yet surprisingly addictive drawing game you take on the role of Air Traffic Controller. It is your job to direct airplanes to runways while avoiding collisions.


★ 4 different maps
★ Special aircraft like super sonic jet and zeppelin
★ Classic game mode as well as the unique puzzle game mode
★ Online highscores
★ Beautiful curves
★ Countless hours of addictive gameplay
★ #1 Android air traffic controller game

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Robo Defense is the ultimate portable tower defense experience. Featuring open maps, upgrades, achievements and nice graphics.

The full version features 5 maps with unlimited upgrades and difficulty levels.

A free version is also available (try First for free.!!)



User Reviews

5 star   51134
4 star   6328
3 star   1054
2 star   283
1 star   620




3.Tank Reckon 3D 



Explosive 3D Tank battles in real-time.

Piloting your new advanced tank, code named Alpha, you will be shooting it out with various units such as tanks, planes, AT guns and more. Fire your main cannon and watch as the enemy explodes into pieces. Use your guided missiles to bring down enemy planes or anything else that needs blowing up!


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User Reviews

5 star   6387
4 star   3533
3 star   1691
2 star   442
1 star   547



4.Home Run Battle 3D


Go ONLINE for head-to-head match up against the BASEBALL SLUGGERS in the world!

*** Over 6 MILLION players in more than 2 BILLION match-up games! 
*** The Best of the Best Apps Awards Winner
*** Nominated as IMGA’s Best Game

This game is specially for Baseball lovers. Wonder full graphics and nice game.

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User Reviews


5 star   17120
4 star   5429
3 star   2085
2 star   711
1 star   2809




5.Bonsai Blast


Shoot to match colored balls in groups of 3 or more!


Experience the Zen of gaming nirvana with this addictive puzzle game. Shoot marbles to match 3 or more and create combos to cause a chain reaction.

Bonsai Blast combines simple game play, intuitive touch screen controls, and a beautiful “Zen garden” theme to deliver 90 levels of pure marble blasting bliss.

Recommended for fans of Bejeweled, TETRIS, Wurdle, Trism, Puzzloop, Blackbeard’s Assault and ZUMA; or people who want to reach an enlightened state of being through incredibly fun game play.



User Reviews

5 star   39730
4 star   11198
3 star   3360
2 star   944
1 star   1334


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