Amazing Steve Jobs Illustrations, Cartoons and Other Artworks


19Amazing Steve Jobs Illustrations, Cartoons and Other Artworks


Steve Jobs illustrations, cartoons and artworks  

For all of us who love Apple, October 5, 2011 was a day of morning. On that day, Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO died at the age of 56. Indeed, his death was not at all surprising considering that he has long been suffering from cancer. It was however, a great loss not only to Apple, but to the rest of the world. We have lost a great inventor, a genius and visionary of our time. Right now, it is beginning to sink into our senses that it is now real. He is not merely resigning from Apple only to come back later, but he will be gone to the world yonder forever.

With his passing, Steve Jobs left behind a legacy so useful, so powerful and influential that the world will not be a better place without them. I’m talking of the way he made the computers accessible to the ordinary people in the street who do not have a degree in programming or information technology. Before Steve Jobs, computers can only be used by those who have knowledge on how they work. User interface then was a strange term and nobody believed that computer processes can be simplified so that it can be used even by small children.  Yet, Jobs did not let other people’s thoughts to dominate his thinking. For that, we was even described as crazy for bringing up ideas which are too impossible to achieve. Later, he proved his critics wrong after achieving tremendous success in selling high tech computer products he designed and developed. He then goes to say that “the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.” He also used to maintain that he lived every every day, like it was his last, and it is this attitude that changes the way we live now.

So, he proceeded to show that innovation has no limit.  This is perfectly manifested by Apple’s success of launching monumental product after monumental product. These things come with great design and functionality that only Steve Jobs intended them to be. For him, design is the heart and soul of a thing, and this design is not just limited to the look in itself but to the way the thing in itself works.  All these reflect on Apples products. From iMac to OS X, to iPad and iPhone to iTunes.

It is often said that Bill Gates made the computer available to every office but it is Steve Jobs who made it available to every person. iPad and iPhone are tangible examples of these for they can be carried conveniently in a bag or in the case of the latter, in a pocket. For all his greatness, Steve was still a human being. He was a family man, he was a soul searcher, and he was a father. Being so, so he is bound to die just like you and me. Today, and the days or years, or even decades to come will be days of reckoning. But if somebody would recall or assess how well we live today in our generation, I know that Steve Jobs’  name will be highlighted. Indeed his genius is comparable to that of Einstein and Edison as aptly quipped by New York’s mayor, Michael Bloomberg. By all accounts, I believe he is. We will always remember him to be.

For now, we would like to pay our respects to the great man. We have here a simple collection of artworks. It’s about twenty of them, solely dedicated to him in the form of illustrations, photos and cartoons. These all come from artists who, like anyone of us, are bereaved by his passing. We hope that you these things can help you remember the man and the good things be brought to our lives. May you be happy in the other world Mr. Jobs!

Creative Steve Jobs Illustrations, Cartoons and Other Artworks


1. Mosaic Illustration by Charis Tsevis



2. Steve Jobs Illustration by Richard Davies




3. Steve Jobs by Mark Draws



4. Mosaic Portrait by Charis Tsevis



5. Steve Jobs Potrait by gadgets by viruskuman




6. Steve Jobs iCup



7. RIP Steve Jobs by MrShowtime




8. Tribute for Steve Jobs by Crossatto


9. RIP Steve Jobs Wallpaper by New X4 



10. RIP Steve Jobs by Wiledog




11. Steve Job Dies: Cartoon Illustration by Paul Zanetti




12. The World Says Goodbye To Steve Jobs by Robert Johnson 



13. Steve Jobs in Heaven by David Fitzsimmons




14. He Put the World in Our Pocket by Bob Englehart



15. Edison and Franklin Greeting Steve Jobs by Steve Breen 



16. Steve Jobs by Randy Bish



17. Apple Cloud by Frederick Deligne 



18. iCame, iSaw, iConquered by Joe Heller 



19. Steve Jobs by Cameron Cardow 



20. Steve Jobs 1955-2011 by Dave Granlund