6 Benefits of a cold shower

Increase Blood Circulation

A cold water bath is good because when it touches the surface of your skin, the blood vessels lying underneath the skin shrink. This definitely reduces the blood circulation, but the mechanism of the blood pressure will automatically destroy the target tissue. This would then cause the blood to circulate with greater force and the blood flow would then become stronger in the circulation. Cold water happens to stimulate the circulatory system of and thus would keep you healthier and younger looking that those who take hot water shower.

Relieves Depression

Humans suffer from bouts of depression, and research suggests that cold water could be the answer to your sad days. Research at the Department of Radiation Oncology at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine shows that short cold water showers could help to stimulate your brain’s blue spot. This so called, “blue spot” is the primary source of noradrenaline, which is a chemical that helps to mitigate depression.

Skin and Hair Health

Don’t you want to look dashing after a shower? Hot water does not allow that, so why bother to take a hot water shower? Hot water dries out your skin and hair and therefore in order to avoid the rough skin tone, irritating itch and the ashy elbows you should let the water cool. Cold water will also take care of your hair and let it shine. So, great hair and healthy skin sounds like a great deal!

Strengthens Immunity

Studies have shows that individuals taking cold water shower on a daily basis are helping to increase the number of virus fighting blood cells in their body compared to those who are taking hot showers. Researchers have come to the conclusion that the increase in metabolic rate which is a result from the body’s attempt to warm itself could activate the immune system and release more white blood cells in response. So increase your red blood cell count by taking cold showers.

Increases Male Fertility

Here is one for the sake of your manliness. Cold water shower can increase the fertility in men, whereas a hot water shower is bad for your testicles. It is bad because it can lower the sperm count and then you will have a rought time in having a child. So, before you decide to soothe your senses with a warm shower, think what harm it may be causing to your manliness! Take a cold plunge!

Prevents Injury

After you have performed a physical activity your muscles tend to be inflammed and you need time to relax your muslces. In order to increase the strength and the muscle mass your muscle fibers would begin to swell and shrink. This is when you require healing, your muscles require healing and in order to prevent rupture of muscles fibers due to excessive physical activity you should wash, or shower with cold water. Great benefits will be reaped.