1. Everyone falls in love at a time when they least expect it.

2. Once in love, the first month will always seem to be like a bed of roses,

its in a later stage, when the thorns set in.

3. Things will always start getting difficult, with mild fights,
and later cause huge ones. But that shouldn’t make you weak.

4. Telling each other about how you feel you should break up, over petty fights, 
 is a part of the relationship.

5. Sometimes, the hard times faced, do over power the good ones,
 but its you who needs to decide, 
 whether or not you let it affect your relationship.

6. Where there’ll be love, there will surely be ups and downs,
 a roller coaster ride it it. Learn to deal well with the downs,

for ups are easy to manage.

7. Small little things are the ones that count, not
 the gifts but the times spent. Not the efforts,
 but the willingness behind them.

8. A little dominance is always healthy. But over
possessiveness costs a lot.

9. Temper, attitude, ego, and other such things
should never have an upper hand in your relationships.

10. Time can always be taken out. Its not that
big a thing to take out few minutes out of the so
many hours in a day.

11. Lastly, love always gets you through. Where
there’s a will, there’s a way.

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